Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach children?

Yes. I have taught children from ten years of age and ran vocal workshops/choirs in primary and secondary schools.

Where are you based?

I am based in Whitburn, Sunderland and usually teach from my home - it is a great place to learn to sing within, having all the resources that we need for our lessons. Click on the map below to bring up my rough location on Google Maps - my full teaching address will be provided upon your first booking.

I am also able to make home visits within the Sunderland area. Any students living in areas outside Sunderland wishing to have a home visit would need to contact me for a quote, taking into account any travel expenses etc. For more information simply get in touch!

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I am not interested in classical/opera - can we sing only modern?

Yes, of course! The student decide the style of music that they would like to learn during our lessons and each of my singing lessons are specially tailored to the individual student. This means that you can learn to sing by learning the songs that you listen to at home.

Do I have to do a graded exam?

No, only if you would like to. If it is something you feel you would like to do I offer both Rockschool and Trinity College examinations.

Am I too old to start singing?

Not at all, I have taught students from 10 years to 74 years of age so I would be more than happy to teach you as well - no matter what your age. Often individuals in their 20s & 30s fear that they have missed out on the chance to really learn to sing as they didn't do it regularly during their youth - thankfully this is not the case and I have some fantastic students who started learning in later years.

Do I have to sing a certain type of music e.g. rock or pop?

No, all styles of singing are welcome. In fact, singing across several styles will make you a better singer! If you feel more comfortable focussing on one that's not a problem.

Can I choose my own music I want to learn?

Yes of course! I would encourage all students to learn the music that they enjoy and love listening to!

Will there be any opportunities for me to perform?

Yes, I organise a concert or showcase of all my students regularly throughout the year to provide them with an opportunity to perform. This is also a chance for family and friends to see how much progress you've made, whilst sharing experiences with other students.

Singing is for Everyone!

I teach both male and female students of all abilities to develop their vocal ability, ensuring that they have both the theoretical and practical knowledge to reach their full vocal potential. I cover a wide range of different genres, specialising in pop / light rock genres, but am also able to cover Broadway/musicals, blues & jazz as well as many other areas of music, ensuring that my students learn through singing the songs that they are passionate about.

To book your first singing lesson, or if you would like to know more about the tuition I offer, give me a call on 03458 690679.

Emma is a pleasant young woman and I have greatly enjoyed my lessons with her! - Mary